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Questioning My Apple Faith

OK, it hasn’t been quite two months since my last post, so I am getting a little better at being more “regular” here.

Anyone who knows me even somewhat knows I love Apple and all their products. I may not love their pricepoint, but I definitely love the technology, design, and how things just work. This allows me to spend less time tinkering with my gadgets to make them work and more time actually doing work on them, the reason I bought the stuff in the first place.

A quote from my bio says, “He has been a satisfied Apple/Mac owner since 1990 – and a frustrated PC user along the way.” In fact, I’ve only bought two PCs with my own money in my entire life.

But yesterday, as I watched the iPhone 4S being unveiled, I honestly questioned if Apple had finally missed a step. I’ve said on multiple social networking sites that I felt “Meh” about the whole thing – a succinct way of saying it was underwhelming. In fact, Wall Street didn’t like it, at least for a little while; Apple stock (AAPL) opened at $376 yesterday and was down 5.5% to $355 at its lowest point, shortly after the iPhone 4S announcement. You can watch the entire Apple keynote, led by new CEO Tim Cook, who henceforth I shall call “Uncle Tim” in the same style that I called Steve Jobs “Uncle Steve.” On those same social networks, I also said I was probably not going to rush to buy the updated iPhone and was even considering waiting until next year’s iPhone comes out. After all, these changes, while nice are more evolutionary than revolutionary and didn’t wow as much as previous upgrades.  Note that this is a huge sea change – I’ve bought at least one new iPhone every year since iPhone 3G.

But then I let things sink in and started to read others’ impressions of iPhone 4S. Sites like TUAW, AllThingsD, AppleInsider, and MacRumors provided a lot to read – and I devoured every last word. And finally, I read posts on Lifehacker, one of my favorite sites to be more productive in my personal and profesional lives.

It was there that I came across the post, “All About Siri, Your iPhone’s New Assistant” about the new voice assistant in iPhone 4S. And in there, Lifehacker has a section headline that says, “Listen to Your Text Messages and Respond with Your Voice.” That statement right there is what got me excited about iPhone 4S. As someone who uses my phone do do a lot of emails and texting, while making almost no phone calls, this feature is going to save me hours of work. Siri, combined with the 8 megapixel camera makes this an iPhone I actually want to own.

Now, the only question is if I want to own it to the tune of $450, which is what it will cost me to have an early upgrade. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m leaning toward saying yes.


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  • jlieu October 5, 2011, 9:20 AM

    WOW… interesting as I was thinking about getting this phone! I might wait as the Chinese in me does not want to pay $600 up front!

  • laurelle October 5, 2011, 2:13 PM

    ” ‘Listen to Your Text Messages and Respond with Your Voice.’ ”
    …you do realize that it’s a phone and you can just talk to each other, right?
    :) LL

  • Capsun October 6, 2011, 6:26 AM

    Jenn: If I buy my iPhone 4S, I would have an iPhone 4 available.

    Laurelle: Aiyah – good point, but I’d rather have a phone with NO voice minutes and unlimited data. You’re sounding like my mother – my Chinese mother I might add. Tech toys are about the only thing I’m not my usual Chinese cheapskate-ness. When I used to buy them as a teen, mom used to ask, “Can you eat it? $50 could buy a lot of food, you know.”

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